Jetté with J O Y in 2017.  

Meet our new wellness partner Platejoy! 

Feeling great each day has as much to do with your fitness routine as it does with your food. In 2017, BARRE TECH. pledges to add value to your mind, body experience with us by adding a healthy TECHnology to your weekly workouts. In contrast to some other food delivery services, Plate Joy provides custom designed personal meals for every preference (paleo, vegan, gluten-free, kid-friendly, clean eating, and many more), smaller portions scaled to your health goals, nutrition coaching and a collaboration for additional grocery delivery.

BARRE TECH. portal to


Forward your receipt to to receive our

exclusive promo code to sign up for Plate Joy HERE>

PlateJoy + 12 Classes/Month $203.99


Commit to exactly 3 classes per week for the next two months.  

We added Plate Joy at a discount and you can keep both after the

challenge!  This contract requires a two month commitment and

monthly payments are processed automatically using your credit

card on file.  All sales are final. 

PlateJoy + 15 Class Package $262.99


Just need a package of classes for the challenge and want to come 3-4x

per week?  No sweat!  It's a one-time payment, includes Plate Joy at a

discount, and classes expires in 45 from date of purchase.  

All sales are final. 

Platejoy Subscription Only$18.99


Want to feel good and eat well, but already have a package or

membership?  Add the Plate Joy subscription and get meal planning

for you and your family!

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