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Barre Techies Testimonials

BARRE TECH. (Formerly the Barre Code) 

"I started Barre Code classes at the recommendation of my doctor when a hamstring injury forced me to stop my lifelong passion of running. The pain was severe and constant, and medications and physical therapy had not produced long-term relief. During my first class with Amy, I was able to exercise for the first time in over a year without aching and stiffness in my hamstring. Amy and her team of instructors are great. Not only do they fully understand muscle mechanics and barre method techniques, they provide a great deal of motivation and reinforcement. Barre Code has changed my outlook on exercise and given me a way to become stronger in the healthiest, gentlest way possible. Plus, my posture is better, my body is stronger and I'm leaner than ever in my life!"

I am a longtime fitness devotee who mixes up running, yoga, and cycle. Finding barre and having Amy as a teacher completely changed my workouts. Since I am on my feet a lot for my job as a publicist (often in heels), I need strong legs, ankles and calves. Taking barre with Amy allowed me to improve my balance and overall strength, allowing me to be less fatigued after a long night. Amy is a sweet person, but a drill sergeant as a teacher. Her adjustments keep you working, and she is constantly monitoring to make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise. It makes a huge difference to have someone give you that extra push. I have an old knee injury, but Amy’s dance background and knowledge of the body allowed her to give me modifications and advice without letting me totally off the hook. Before my wedding, I packed in as many of without letting me totally off the hook. Before my wedding, I packed in as many of Amy’s classes as I could. Her fun music and jokes keep me smiling while sweating through grueling arm sequences. I’ve taken barre all over the country, at all the big-name places, but keep coming back to Amy because she is an amazing motivator and working out an hour with her will leave me sore (in a good way) for days! 

  • Great deal! Love the Barre Code and will purchase a package once I finish my deal. 
  • A really good workout, the beginner class is challenging but looking forward to the next class.
  • Amazing! Amy Barnes' studio is the real deal. She's raising the barre in the Alexandria/Arlington area!
  • Great class. Fast paced and not for the faint of heart. Lots of personal attention without excessive pressure. I'll definitely be back.

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