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BARRE TECH.  LLC has closed it's location at 2409 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301.  We are not certain of our future, but we will continue to communicate with you, our tribe, about any and all updates moving forward via our newsletter and social media accounts.  In the meantime, we are partnering with local studios and friends to continue to deliver our methods in fun, friendly spaces that embody our sense of community and offer exceptional fitness classes.  Please sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on soical media to stay informed about our collaborations.

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BARRETECH. is a blended workout (ballet, pilates, yoga, and now boxing) that will lengthen, lift and tone the body quickly.  We emphasize form and train your muscles more efficiently to produce greater strength and grace for faster, amazing results.  

We TECH. our workouts seriously, which is why tech. is short for technique and technician.  Our instructors, or Techs, deliver a functional workout and aim to create a invigorating experience for each student through music, personal attention, and precise moves.  Our intervals are carefully crafted using specific choreography to take it NEXT LEVEL for both body and mind.  Join us for a good time and the best workout in town, "barre none".


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Reservation must be cancelled 6 hours before the start of class.
Prices and Schedule are subject to changes at any time.


The Core of Our Existence

You can generate more effective and powerful movement when you have a solid core.  It creates stabilization and proportional strength. Everything works better when the core takes center stage. 

The Burn and Shake

Movement, performed in a controlled range of motion, incorporates more muscle fibers and muscles approach a threshold.   You will surpass that threshold and start to feel the body changing- that's the burn and shake.  Embrace it!

Small Moves for Big Results

We use small, controlled movement to tap into the stabilization muscles, which quickly tighten and tone.  We use your own body weight, light dumbbells, and the barre to execute our exercises with power and precison. Our classes are low-impact by design and in high demand for its ability to energize and define the body. 

Get into the Flow

A an energetic warm-up starts the class and begins the caloric burn.  We move to the barre for thighs and gluts, as well as three sets of abs that will knock your grippy socks off!  Between intervals,  we stretch while strengthing in yoga postures  Our intervals are matched to the perfect soundtrack, giving your workout a rythym and a cadence to THRIVE to!


Instructor Auditions

BARRETECH. is recruiting talented individuals who demonstrate enthusiasm for barre and a desire to inspire others.  A background in dance or one year of experience teaching group fitness is required. Follow your passion for fitness and become a barreTECH.   We are also looking for dedicated people to join our work-study program in exchange for free classes.  

Interested Candidates -

Email resume to learn more and fill out an application.   



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