Monday January 9, 2017

posted by Team BT



#findjoy2017 is a 5 week challenge and your start to the new year!

Actually, it's more than a challenge, it is the beginning of our fitness

journey together to feel better and find joy in daily life.  To do that you

have to think inside and out, which is why we chose Plate Joy  as our

new wellness partner.


Feeling great each day has as much to do with your fitness routine as it

does with your food, so take advantage of one of these options to

participate in our wellness journey.  


KEEP reading below because we've listed the weekly tasks (easy) that

earn you credit towards FREE apparel, classes, and more prizes along

the way!  



Forward your receipt to to receive our

exclusive promo code to sign up for Plate Joy HERE>

PlateJoy + 12 Classes/Month $203.99


Commit to exactly 3 classes per week for the next two months.  We

added Plate Joy at a discount and you can keep both after the

challenge!  This contract requires a two month commitment and

monthly payments are processed automatically using your credit

card on file.  All sales are final. 

PlateJoy + 15 Class Package $262.99


Just need a package of classes for the challenge and want to come 3-4x

per week?  No sweat!  It's a one-time payment, includes Plate Joy at a

discount, and classes expires in 45 from date of purchase.  

All sales are final. 

Platejoy Subscription Only$18.99


Want to feel good and eat well, but already have a package or membership?  

Add the Plate Joy subscription and get meal planning for you and your


You have 5 weeks to complete 3 weekly tasks

  1. 3 Classes with Team BT
  2. 2 Workouts at home with owner Amy B.
  3. Meal prep + cooking with Plate Joy

Each task will be worth a certain number of credits*

  1. Classes = 1 credit
  2. Workouts at home = 1 credit
  3. Meal prep + cooking social media post = 2 credits*

*Extra credit for sharing your meals (via text or selfies) on FB or IG with the tags #findjoy2017 and #barretech

Get credit for your work

Jetté with J O Y for these prizes worth over $300

Go for it!  Take control.  Reset.  En- JOY!


Team BT