Tuesday November 15, 2016

A Bundle of Goods to Make You Feel Better!
posted by Amy B.


After an intense week, we all need to take time to create a peaceful moment.  These moments should be focused on your restoration and the repair of both mind and body.  We live in a complicated world and our workouts elevate our mood and release some stress, but some weeks (wink, wink) are more stressful than others, so we hope this basket of goods create peaceful moments.

Pea Protein by Pulsin 
Increase your servings of vegetables daily to feel more energized.  Greater vegetable intake can improve quality of your skin and hair too.  Looking great on the outside starts inside.
Magenisium body and foot soak
Create your own spa moment and help work out sore muscles.  Add your favorite music and "chil-lax".  
Diffuse Lavender by doTerra
Ease tensions and promote a deep sleep.  Diffuse or even add a tiny bit to your lotion at night.  

​Spiky Massage Ball

This spiky massage ball will help release tight muscles. Simply place the ball on your body, then move the rounded spikes around the area to release tension, improve circulation and release toxins.

Tea is like a warm hug for your tummy, so make time for it and your friends.  Meet-up at new Junction Bakery & Bistro in Del Ray.  It is an adorable spot and right down the street from us!