Tuesday November 8, 2016

Becoming a boxing-beauty!
posted by Amy B., Founder

Yes, the new fitness trend is boxing!  In recent years boxing (and kickboxing) has become more than just a backdrop to editorial fashion shoots.  Models and celebs are staying inside the ring and embracing the workout for its sweat-factor and bad a*$ feeling.  In fact, it has the fashion industry in a frenzy as designers make LBG (little black gloves) to match their LBD (little black dresses).   
Like barre, your mind transcends in a boxing class.  You connect to a stronger version of you- and that, ladies and gentlmen, is the new sex appeal!  Feeling balanced, focused, ready, svelte, agile, and resolved.  It is not just a fitness fad in my opinion, but an awakening for the body's senses and potential to be faster, stronger, and more confident (not to mention less stressed).  And for those reasons, I believe that TECH. Boxing is the perfect compliment to BARRE TECH. classes.  Our barre classes aim to build foundational strength and sculpt the body.  Our boxing classes are designed to burn more fat, to define more muscles, and improve one's athleticism.  Not to mention...we teach you self-defense techniques throughout.  
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Nov. 10th and 17th @ 6pm
Nov. 13th and 20th at @11am 
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Become a boxing-beauty!  
- Amy B., founder of BARRE TECH.