Monday August 8, 2016

How mighty are your meals?
posted by Amy B.

Last weekend we welcomed Mighty Meals, a healthy food service based in the DC metro area.  They partner with local farms to source humanely raised ingredients for their well balanced and calorie conscious meals.  I, as a small business owner myself, am always intrigued to learn more about the people behind the LLC.  

Here's what we learned...

How did you and your three partners come up with the concept and decide to launch Mighty Meals? 
I was a personal trainer for around a decade and always brought prepped meals to work to eat quickly before his next client. Clients would see this and one jokingly asked,  "Where is mine?"  He took that literally and started prepping meals for a handful of clients and then offerred the service to another gym member, Stefano, who happens to be a Chef. A few months later Alex joined the party, and MightyMeals was up and running (pun intended)!
When are the best days to order online and where can I pick up my orders?  You can place an order on our website Friday through Thursday by 11:59pm (that's the deadline).  You can chose to pickup from any of our locations (nearly twenty) throughout DC and Northern Virginia.*  And we will deliver to your home on Sundays when you order 13+ meals or spend $130.  *We have partnered with Pacers Running Stores and UFC Gym throughout the area to name a few pickup locations.
Do you accomodate special dietary needs?  
We have gluten free options, low carb, paleo, etc. We don't believe in only ONE way to eat, but do believe in giving our customers the very best ingredients we can.
Might my man enjoy "mighty meals" too?  Do your portions pack in enough to protein to recover post-workout?   
Our meals are the perfect size for most men. However, we do have some big dudes who lift and probably need a little more protein for recovery and lean muscle gains. Standard meals have anywhere from 4-4.5oz of protein with some have 6-6.5oz depending on the meal description. For those who need that extra boost we offer cooked protein by the pound, if you wanted to add another few ounces to each meal.
The truth is, most people can only digest 25-35g of protein per sitting. So if you are still hungry after eating one of our meals, you might be used to overeating. Give it a week or two, eating our portioned controlled meals and adjust as necessary. Maybe adding some more veggies will help curb that appetite with more fiber.
"We hope to meet you soon!