Monday July 25, 2016

It's TECHnically Summer
posted by Cassandra T

It's TECHnically SUMMER!  
Learn what the BT team and barrebabes are planning, reading, wearing, and eating this season.  You might just find something to adore or try every week.
New barreTECH Cassandra is making Summer juicy!
Any special destinations this Summer?
India in the Fall (and I get to go too)!
What are you reading this Summer?
I'm still trying to get through "Tropic of Cancer" (it's not going welland I blame it on Henry Miller)
What is fueling your Summer workouts?
Right now I'm obsessed with blending frozen fruit w/ a little almond milk in my Ninja- it's AHmazing. 
What tunes are inspiring you at the barre? 
Oh My Gee! I'm listening to a ton of stuff, but my favorite album right now is Maître Gims's Mon cœur avait raison.
Cassandra T. will relaunch our 3 pm class on Sundays with plans to add more!  You can catch her now as our work/study Saturday mornings, so be sure to say hello and reserve her classes HERE> in the very near future.