Tuesday July 19, 2016

It's TECHnically Summer
posted by Shannon B.

It's TECHnically SUMMER!  
Learn what the BT team and barrebabes are planning, reading, wearing, and eating this season.  You might just find something to adore or try every week.
Here's what barreTech Shannon is soaking up this Summer!
Any special destinations this Summer?
Going to CA for a wedding and to visit two of my best friends in July. Then we'll be off to Croatia in August! Can't wait!
What are you reading this Summer?
I'm finally reading "Lean In" and another work-related blook - "Give & Take: Why Helping Others Drives our Success".
What is fueling your Summer workouts?
I'm all about protein - hardboiled egg for breakfast with hemp seed and fruit on the side.
What tunes are inspiring you at the barre? 
Listen to it on our Spotify playlist.
Shannon leads our Saturdays with two doses of Barre 60 and amps up each week with Mondays at 6 AM.  Book her class and tone that ass HERE>.