Friday July 8, 2016

TECHnically Summer with Erika S.
posted by Erika S.

It's TECHnically SUMMER!  
Learn what the BT team and barrebabes are planning, reading, wearing, and eating this season.  You might just find something to adore or try every week.
This week, Erika is sharing!
Any special destinations this Summer?
My boyfriend, Mike and I will be going to a music festival held at Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, Va. The festival is called Lockn' and we will be camping out listening to our favorite jam bands for 4 days! This is where i met my Mike 3 years ago. So it's kinda like our anniversary!
What are you reading this Summer?
"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. This is a re-read because it's that good. Reminds me to stay in the present moment and live in the NOW! 
What is fueling your Summer workouts?
Smoothies all day everyday! Ive been prepping smoothie freezer packs of spinach, fruit, Greek yogurt cubes, and banana. Throw all those ingredients together in a ziplock and you a smoothie prepped for every morning! Helps save time when I'm trying to get out the door! 
What tunes are inspiring you at the barre? 
"Animal Style" by Jackal & "Impossible" by Jax Jones Remix.  Click to listen to it and our Spotify playlist.
Erika is tucking and planking every Thursday and coming to Sundays soon.
She her schedule HERE>