Tuesday June 14, 2016

It's TECHnically Summer Series
posted by Amy B., Founder

It's TECHnically SUMMER!  
Learn what the BT team and barrebabes are planning, reading, wearing, and eating this season.  You might just find something to adore or try every week.
First up is barre addict and BT founder, Amy Barnes
Any special destinations this Summer?
Planning a trip to KY to have some bluegrass fun with friends and family.  I hope to squeeze in a concert at the history Mercury Ballroom.
What are you reading this Summer?
Repeating a favorite- "The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway"
What is fueling your Summer workouts?
I'm making smoothie bowls with granola.  I love fruit so much that I could eat it all day!  Learn a delicious recipe here>.
What tunes are inspiring you at the barre? 
I'm loving and tucking to Meghan Trainor's latest album Thank You.  
 My favorite song, "Me Too", is on our Spotify Playlist.
And, I am so excited to introduce the new warm-up for Summer- it's a sweaty one!