Tuesday April 26, 2016

The good stuff about barre that you probably didn't know.
posted by Amy B.

Barre is the perfect workout in my opinion.  Biased or not.  Why would I proclaim such?  After a decade of experience and hundreds comments from clients, I can tell you that a barre workout such as ours will tighten, tone, and lift the muscular structures of the body.  At the same time, you are laying a foundation for the future by building bone density, becoming better balanced, and working towards eccentric (lean) muscle.  
When you do barre correctly, it can change your life as it did mine.  I grew up very active…classical ballet, multiple forms of martial arts, horseback riding, and competitive softball and dances team at school.  Where didi I end up?  A member of the University of Kentucky Dance Team with horrible knees and days devoted to intense PT therapy.  Not to mention, I could not achieve a feminine form as an athlete.  What was I doing wrong?  I wasn’t training my body at the micro level.  Barre exercises, when targeted and well choreographed, can lengthen, strengthen, and synch the body like nobody’s business because they target the smaller, accessory muscles.  That approach plus the exercise sciences listed below are all achieved in a barre classes that utilizes modern Pilates and Yoga in tandem with Ballet postures.  
Strength/isometric training (for eccentric muscle and joint stability) - 
increases strength over all joint angles the exercises are performed at, similar to how dynamic exercises increase strength throughout the full range of motion, but with less risk of injury than weight training. 
Active isolated stretching when the muscle on one side of a joint must relax in order for the opposing muscle to contract.  A perfect example, is a single leg lift at hip level within just an inch.  The quadriceps are contracting and toning, while stretching the hamstrings.  Key to gaining more lower back flexibility.  
Interval training can improve many physiological aspects of the human body. It can enhance the lactate threshold and increase your aerobic capacity.  Varying the intensity of effort exercises the heart muscle too, providing a cardiovascular workout, permitting the person to exercise for longer and at more intense levels.
Recovery is key to any workout, especially if your want have more endurance.  Our workouts approach this in two ways.  (1) Active recovery (a lite version of movement and excursion such as our new thigh stretch) gives more performance and relief over time by removing the lactate (soreness) and improving blood circulation.  (2) Passive recovery (or relaxation), in supine after our center abs series for example, will bring your heart rate down faster and provide a faster feeling of recovery.  In other words, you can recover quicker from better blood flow but it does not add performance to your practice.  
There you have it.  What makes BT different?  It is in the name: BARRE TECH., TECH is short for technique and technician.  BT is more then a mix of Pilates, Yoga, and ballet barre moves.  We consider the techniques for the best body mechanics and try to replicate it time and time again for an effective workout.  But you would never notice because we have the best instructors (aka Techs), who bring the best beats to invigorate the mind as well as body.  
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