Thursday November 12, 2015

Barre For Runners
posted by barreTech Bri C.

I literally ran to my first barre class. I was out for a run near our Del Ray studio when I stopped in to get a class schedule. I was looking for a low impact workout to compliment my running, so I signed up for a class.
I quickly found out BARRE TECH. was the perfect fit, not just to compliment my running but also to enhance it! I ran several half marathons prior to starting barre, and in the few that I've run since, let me tell you
What. A. Difference.
Need more convincing? Here are my favorite reasons why barre is great for all of us hitting the pavement.
While running is high impact, barre is low impact, so there's no stress on the body while you still get an incredible workout
Running targets the larger muscles while barre targets the smaller surrounding muscles, helping to strengthen and lengthen the major muscle groups. Bonus: the glute exercises will help you power up the next set of hills you run!
Dedicated time to stretch. If you're like me, you often don't take the time to stretch after a good run. Barre classes give you that time to stretch, targeting muscles that often feel tight after a run. (Hamstrings and IT band, anyone?)
When you run a race, you are surrounded by others sharing the road, encouraging one another. Imagine that same feeling in every class. BARRE TECH. provides that same sense of community - a group gaining endurance and strength and pulsing together
*Be sure to barre with us at least twice per week in order to stabilize your joints and empower your runs.
- barre Tech Bri C.
{Tuesday nights and Thursday and Friday mornings at Arlington}