Tuesday August 25, 2015

Teacher Feature - Ashley Bacon-Ward
posted by Ashley

Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you become a barre Tech.nician?

I absolutely love working out and trying new fitness classes. A couple of years ago, I heard of barre and knew I had to try a class. I danced all my life, and I always loved going to ballet classes.  I thought Ballet Barre would be a great class for me. Boy! Was I correct. I love the class, and after a couple of sessions, I knew I wanted to teach and help spread my love of barre. I heard about Barre Tech having auditions and knew I had to try out. I was so excited when I became a teacher. I love how at this studio we can really add our own flavor to the class. I'm always excited each week to come up with a new playlist and challenging routines for my barre babes :).

What do you love about BARRE TECH.?

I love how in one class you work your entire body - that slow burn and shake you experience when you are really working your muscles.

What is your go-to brand/store/style of workout gear?

Old Navy and Costco!

What are three things on your bucket list?

1. Go to a Fifa World Cup

2. Become fluent in Vietnamese

3. Vacation in Cuba

How has living an active life empowered you and made you who you are today?

Working out provides discipline in my life and keeps me balanced.

What, in your mind, is a distinguishing feature of BARRETECH?

The teachers (techs), technique, music, and our attention to detail. We try our best in every class to provide individual attention to each student to ensure they are using proper technique to maximize the results of their workout.

Morning or evening? When is your ideal time to work out?

Since I am not a morning person,  I prefer to workout at night after work.

Working out after a full day of work is tough. What is your favorite easy and delicious recovery meal?

I like to make a quick smoothie - usually with vanilla cashew milk, dates, cinnamon, chia seeds, and bananas.

What are you passionate about?

I love helping people reach their fitness goals and challenging barre babes (and myself!) by always taking my workouts to the next level.

How you do prepare for class?

On a daily basis, I'm always listening to music looking for a song to hit me in a certain way.  I think of different moves that I can put to the song and this process motivates the journey I take my students on.

In the hustle-and-bustle of DC, we all need time to step away and recharge. What do you do to relax and rejuvenate?

I love going for long walks. I can literally walk all day- I find it so relaxing. Also I love searching for houses on Trulia and Redfin.

What is your weekly fitness routine?

Mondays I do a Zumba class; Tuesday I teach a Zumba class at work and take a Bootcamp class at night as well as on Thursdays; Wednesdays I teach Barre 60 and Dance Tech Cardio; Fridays I teach Barre 45 and attend a Zumba class later in the day. Saturdays and Sundays I do BARRE TECH. #barrelove!

As far as healthy foods are concerned, what is your go-to snack food?

Grapes, Luna Bars, Boiled eggs, and Pistachios.  Most of them are good on the go.

We all like to indulge occasionally in a sweet treat or two. Where does your sweet tooth take you?

Brownies, Cupcakes, Thai Tea , and Vanilla Ice Cream with rainbow sprinkles.  

What are your favorite ways to stay active on the weekends outside of class?

I love to take in Old Town and the Great Falls.

Who inspires you to be strong?

My mom. She's the best, and she always gives the best advice.

- BARRE TECH. Ashley Bacon-Ward 

{Wednesday nights and Friday mornings at Alexandria}